Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing Internet marketplace enabling individuals and businesses (known as Requesters) to coordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks that computers are currently unable to do.

I've been working at Mturk since 2016 part time and have over 11,000 approved hits with an approval rate of 99.7%. The tasks done include transcription, video recording, content writing, picture identification, research and surveys.


Code-Yantra is the official campus chapter of Codechef at Shree L.R Tiwari college of engineering. The purpose of the committee is to spread awareness about programming and help students enhance their coding skills further.

I am the management head at Codeyantra (2017-2018). My wrok includes planning and organising events, conducting lectures and setting questions for contests/quizes.


Vihaan Foodstuff Trading is a company that exports fresh fruits and vegetables to various countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Europe. It's headquarters are situated in Mumbai(Vashi).

I built their official (responsive)website which using html, css, bootstrap and jquery. It had information about the company and their products. It also contained a contact form and location details on map.


Radial Rate10 is a simple yet apealing rating/score representation system.

It contains 10 levels of ratings (1-10).

It has been built using CSS and can be easily used using classes specified.


Chotu printing press is a conceptual company that takes day to day printing orders online and also provides home delivery. User can select the kind of printout (B/W or color) and an option for takeaway or home delivery.

It was built using basic html and css for the layout. Javascript was used for form validation. The database (For account and order details) used MySQL which was controlled through PHP.